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Work Concept

Uphold Integrity / Innovation / People Oriented / Give Full Scope to The Talents

New Industry

Develop Energy Saving / Environmentally Friendly / Resource Saving / Harmony With Human Being


We have been aiming at fluorine-containing electronic chemicals and has successfully developed a new generation of fluorine-containing special gases such as trifluoroiodomethane (CF3I), hexafluorobutadiene (C4F6) and heptafluoroisobutyronitrile (C4F7N) at the international leading level. The self-developed ODS substitute and its production technology have obtained 40 invention patents already. By using our own technology, we successfully achieved the industrial production of the fourth-generation environmentally friendly fluorine-containing refrigerants.


Over the years, we have been following the international conventions on global environmental governance such as the 《Montreal Protocol》, 《the Kyoto Protocol》, 《the Paris Agreement》 and 《the Kigali Accords》, focusing on the R&D, process improvement and industrialization of the latest generation of low-carbon & emission-reduction fluorochemicals, establishing R&D partnerships with domestic and foreign research institutes, actively introducing senior talent of fluorine chemistry at home and abroad, and possessing a high level of fluorine R&D technical team. We actively carry out low GWP ODS substitutes and alternative technologies. Quanzhou Yuji will take the protection of global environment as an unshirkable duty, we will pay attention to waste disposal, set CO2 reduction targets every year, actively implement energy conservation and emission reduction activities, and strive to become an environment-friendly company.