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Various application of HFO-1336mzz(E)

2020-02-20 13:48

HFO-1336mzz(E), trans-1,1,1,4,4,4-Hexafluoro-2-butene, CAS No. 66711-86-2, is a novel Hydro-Fluoro-Olefin. It is a kind of colorless, odorless, clear gas at room temperature and the B.P. is 7.5℃. It belongs to next-generation fluorinated gas that achieves both excellent environmental performance (ODP=0, GWP=18, lifetime=22days) and high stability performance even at high temperatures. Meanwhile, it is absolutely safe, with no flash point, non-flammability, low toxicity and compatible with different materials. It is known that it can be used as insulation gas, heat pump working fluid and refrigerator.

Insulation gas: SF6 has been the main insulation gas used in electrical system and devices for several decades. However, people have found that SF6 is one of the most serious greenhouse gases known to mankind at present, and has a long lifetime for thousand years. It is too stable to decompose in the atmosphere, which greatly exacerbates the possibility of global warming. SF6 has been currently included in the list of gases that should be restricted to the atmosphere by Kyoto Protocol. It is demonstrated that HFO-1336mzz(E), as an environmentally friendly gas, has higher dielectric strength and much lower GWP than SF6 and can be used as an electrically insulating and/or arc-extinguishing gaseous medium by the patent published by Siemens. HFO-1336mzz(E) has six fluorine atoms, attached to the terminal methyl groups and can accordingly initiate gas discharges which form a precursor (F- ion) to prevent dielectric breakdown by dissociative attachment. Meanwhile, HFO-1336mzz(E) has shorter lifetime and lower toxicity than other novel insulation gas [mainly mean perfluoro-compound, including fluorinated ketone(s) and fluorinated nitrile(s)].

Heat pump working fluid: HFO-1336mzz(E) is a viable solution enabling both HTHP and ORC technology platforms to recover heat from various sources and reduce fossil fuel dependencies. Jason R. Juhasz from Chemours verified that HFO-1336mzz(E) allowed for higher condensing temperatures and higher COPH than HFC-134a, HFO-1234yf and HFO-1234ze(E), which helps the economic justification for their use in heat pump applications, several potential ones are low pressure steam generation, high temperature drying, sterilization, process heating and food manufacturing industry.

Refrigerator: HFO-1336mzz(E) can replace CFC-114 and HFC-236fa in the coolers, including flooded evaporator or direct expansion evaporator, used centrifugal or screw compressor. And HFO-1336mzz(E) may provide the required parameters (mean reasonably good energy efficiency and cooling capacity) and be compatible with various kinds of lubricant.

The isomer of HFO-1336mzz(Z) has been successfully commercialized as a kind of foaming agent, and the application of HFO-1336mzz(E) is worth exploring scientifically.